Fitness and Conditioning


Fitness and Conditioning classes are offered six days and week and incorporate a variety of training styles including: cardio, kickboxing, weight lifting, core training, and yoga. Classes are structured to the individual – regardless of current level of fitness.

“As an avid cyclist, the workouts provide a great way for me to cross train and build lean muscle mass.”

– Matt Russell, member since 2010


Day Class Schedule
Monday 8:15am: Shoulders and Arms and Arms

7:20pm: Conditioning

Tuesday 5:00 am: Upper Body Work

8:15am: Upper Body work

7:20pm: Lower Body Work

Wednesday 8:15am: Conditioning
Thursday 5:00 am Lower Body Work

8:15am: Leg and Ab work

9:15am: Yoga

7:20pm: Upper Body Work

Friday 8:15am: Conditioning
Saturday 8:00am: Combination full body work

Come Check It Out
Want to give it a try without a long-term commitment? Come by and visit anytime or contact Keith at 252-599-0619