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Welcome to Bushin Kan Karate

Bushin Kan Karate began as a way for students to develop an awareness of their bodies and of their ability to protect themselves. Later, as more fitness courses began to take root a broader, more versatile approach to wellness began.

“Karate and camaraderie helped me keep my sanity in the “raising children years”, (provided) an outlet of stress during my forties, and a better way to live seemed hidden in the repetitive practice of Katas. During my illness it was a place to escape. Nothing ever “hurt” in the dojo. Physically maybe things still hurt, but there was freedom from the mental anguish of cancer. A Kata became an awareness practice. Meaning became more important. A means to stay present, to feel strong, to feel calm in any situation.”

-Susan Reynolds, student since 1988.

Bushin Kan Karate is owned by Keith Seal. Keith started his business 30 years ago with the desire to help others realize their health and fitness goals.

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